Date: Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Location: Charleston Southern University. 9200 University Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406

Look for Lightsey Chapel (#8) with the steeple. Parking lot is from behind. Drive around the building complex and approach parking lot from Alumni Drive. After parking, walk to the Chapel building and look for the Registration desk. There will be event signs posted!

What to Expect

Parents should have their students arrive on time (which is 15 minutes before scheduled report time). Approximately 400 students from the Greater Charleston Area participate every year in this audition so you will see lots of cars and people coming-and-going.

Sign in at the reception desk, and make sure you have all music with you. Measures should be numbered and pages marked with a self-sticking tab. Signing in without music means that there will be no points given for performance (25% of final grade).
Parents will sit back and relax from here! They will stay in the lobby, and wait until their children are finished (20-30 min).

Students are taken by a local piano teacher (a very nice one, of course) to a hallway where they will be seated. There are several little classrooms on the hallway, and a student is called when it's his or her turn.

Once into a classroom, the student has one-on-one time with the "judge". There will be several judges (adjudicators) from other cities. All of them are teachers themselves and all of them are super nice and "child-friendly", but none of them knows either the students nor who their teacher is. They are very good at helping the children feel comfortable and relaxed! The judge will ask the student to perform three things (not necessarily in this order):

  1. pieces (25%)
  2. scales (25%)
  3. sight reading (25%)

This first three steps usually don't take more than 5 minutes (for Level A), if the student knows their material well.

After students finish with pieces, scales and sight reading, they are lead by a teacher to the theory room where they will check-in and pick up a theory worksheet to complete (the last 25% of final grade). Students may take as much time as they need. They are allowed to ask for help if it's about the work itself, not a specific question. A teacher is there to make sure students understand what to do and how to do, but they won't help with the answers.
Once students are done with their theory worksheet they will be returned to you in the Lobby. You are free to go! Results will be given to the teacher at the end of the day (she might share the results with you on the same night or the next couple of days).


Quotation from Achievement Day Policies

The Achievement Day Co-Chairs are responsible for scheduling. After scheduling, there can be NO changes.

Special Requests
There will be no special requests accepted on the application. The requests section is for the sole purpose of listing siblings. You should inform your students in September as to the Achievement Day date, and tell them to reserve the entire day. Any bona fide scheduling request MUST be accompanied by a signed letter from the parent of the student (not the teacher) explaining the necessity of the request. Generic statements such as previous family obligation, or anything of a vague nature will not be considered a bona fide request; rather, specific reasons for the request should be cited. These will be taken under consideration by the Achievement Day Co-Chairs or Achievement Day Committee. There is no obligation or guarantee the request will be honored.

There will be absolutely no changes in repertoire after the application has been submitted. The students must perform the repertoire listed, or the student will not receive a grade in performance. Please be certain to check Requirements under Piano Repertoire to know what repertoire is and is not acceptable in Achievement Day auditions.

Photocopied music is prohibited. Any student with photocopied music will not receive a grade in performance. Students must have their music, with measures numbered, when checking in at the registration desk. There will be no sharing of music by students, including siblings. Either the student or teacher must secure another copy of the music prior to Achievement Day. Any student checking in at the registration desk without music or with photocopied music will not receive a grade in performance. Registration desk attendees will notify AD chairs that students have registered with a NS (no score) status.

For more, please see the Achievement Day website .